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jibjab promo codes

JibJab is one great shopping stop for all your modern ecard or any other digital fun needs. The virtual store is very simple to use, but rich in content and generous with JibJab promo codes. JibJab products are a bit more innovative and out of the ordinary than most other stores’ in the industry. In short, the site is worth visiting for your special occasion needs or just for some fun video browsing and sharing, not to mention getting a great deal with the help of JibJab promotional codes.

First time users will not have any trouble finding their way around this online store. The categories and offers are very clearly positioned and grouped, everything looks clean and concise.

This online store is not your typical ecard retailer that’s safe for all ages. While humor in most cards is innocent and appropriate for all, there some cards and videos that contain sexual charge, violence, raunchy jokes, and not so politically correct statements. Parents of younger children might hesitate choosing JibJab for their wishing and congratulating needs. The rest of the consumer body will find the site interest worthy, refreshing, and unorthodox.

Consumers can use this retailer’s limited applications totally free of charge. Such free account users don’t have access to unlimited special occasions cards, but can use Everyday Fun category items and email links to the site’s various funny videos. While such options seem rather limited, they work for casual fun exchanges with friends or bored coworkers.

Full member pays $12 for a year and often times has to accept JibJab’s automatic renewal policy to use all the material available in the store. This might seem bothersome to some, but on the other hand, it is very simple to automatically renew your membership each year and just keep enjoying card and video selection free of worry. To make matters even better, there are plenty of opportunities of saving with JibJab promo codes. It makes great financial sense to become a paying member as long as one sends more than 2 or 3 cards a year. What one pays for 3 cards from a competitor covers the membership for an entire year from JibJab and gives access to more than 1,200 titles of ecards.

In addition to great variety of offered cards, consumers will be able to customize them with personal videos and pictures. This and the quality of animation help JibJab stand out from the competition and attract a wide range of users. Online reviews seem to second the opinion that this retailer is definitely one of the kind and quite different from others because of value provided by JibJab promo codes.

Full membership holders will be able to send personalized ecards for all kinds of occasions or special interests, such as sports, hobbies or politics. Users will easily manage their pictures for customization on the site, will be able to view and share popular humorous videos and political satires, make fun of famous people, companies or organizations.

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