JibJab Promo Codes and Categories

The clean cut and uncluttered site makes all member activities and usage easy and frustration free. The site is very easy to navigate - top of the home page features all available categories: Holidays, eCards, Everyday Fun, Originals, and Kids. Holidays category consists of grouped into smaller categories upcoming holiday cards. ECards tab displays all available special occasion cards. Next comes Everyday Fun group, under which different spoofs of singers, bands, movies, and random fun pieces are displayed. Originals category features widely popular satirical videos that have gone viral and can be found on YouTube and even on such comedy shows as Bill Maher. Last Kids category is more family friendly with toned down humor and is targeting kids. The application lets users upload kids’ pictures, names, and even choose skin color for the very personalized book creation. Such children stories are fun to share within the family, with friends, or even at school, and can put a solid foundation for new JibJab user generation.

Lower part of the website is dedicated for ecard categories, reviews, and membership encouragements. At the very bottom you’ll find all links, privacy statements, customer support, and payment info.

To make matters more attractive for their users or users to be, JibJab often times has some great promotions. JibJab promo codes and special deals help seal the deal and feel great about joining the service for the long run.

Available promotional codes usually range from some percent off yearly membership or discounts of one particular category, for example birthday cards.

JibJab promo codes and coupons are available on various related sites which provide codes to be entered during the membership purchase. While JibJab is not considered to be a very expensive retailer, having a JibJab coupon code definitely sweetens any deal in any economic situation, especially when the product is definitely not a necessity.

In conclusion, JibJab is a place to go to for all your digital entertainment needs, whether it’s fun ecards, videos, popular satires meant for others or for your own amusement.

JibJab Promo Code